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Why hail damages shingled roofing ?

Hail can cause significant damage to your shingle roof in several ways:

1. Bruising: Hailstones can cause dents or bruises on your shingles. While these may not be immediately visible, they can cause the shingles to deteriorate over time, leading to leaks or other issues.

2. Granule Loss: Shingles are covered in granules that protect against the sun and weather. Hail can knock off these granules, exposing the underlying asphalt to UV rays. This can speed up aging of the shingles and possibly lead to leaks.

3. Cracks: Larger hailstones can cause cracks in the shingles. This damage can be quite severe, as it provides a direct path for water to penetrate the roof.

4. Shingle Displacement: The impact from large hailstones can potentially displace or even puncture shingles, causing immediate and serious leaks.

It’s important to inspect your roof after a hailstorm to identify any potential damage. While some hail damage can be seen from the ground, other damage may require a closer inspection. If you suspect hail damage, consider hiring a roofing professional to evaluate your roof and advise on necessary repairs or replacement.

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