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Seamless Rain Gutters 

Protect your home's foundation

It does not rain all that often here in beautiful Central Texas but, when it does rain, it RAINS ALOT and it RAINS HARD! In Central Texas, we average 36 inches per year of rainfall and in Seattle Washington, the average is 39 inches and Seattle is known for being rainy! In Seattle, it rains very often but also very little but it Texas it rains very rarely but when it does it rains a lot! Almost every single building in Seattle has a rain gutter on it to protect the property from this rainfall but here in Texas, some people act as if it is not necessary. Trust me, it is, we see tons of foundation issues!

Rain Gutters in Killeen TX

Why add rain gutters? 

Besides protecting the roof and the overall structure of your home, rain gutters also prevent soil erosion and protect your garden beds. With the rain gutters, the rain will just flow off your roof, washing away soil each time it rains causing soil erosion. And if you have garden beds built next to your home, the soil erosion will cause puddling of water to drown your plants and flowers.

Soil erosion is serious business. It can also cause your foundation to settle leading to uneven floors and cracked walls and cracks in the chimney.
If you get a lot of basement flooding and have rotting siding on your home, these also could be signs that you don’t have gutters and you should or you have gutters that are clogged or damaged.

Meet The Team

Why Choose Texas HomPro for your gutter project? 

Our gutter systems are made to last we only use powder-coated aluminum so that the finish on your gutters lasts! We also custom make the gutters at your home to make sure they fit like a glove. Most gutter companies install your gutters with nails because they are easier and cheaper, we only install gutters with screws that match your gutters to make sure in 10 years you don't have gutters that sag. Just like all the other services we offer, we " DO IT RIGHT, OR WE DON'T DO IT ALL"  

Color Selection Chart

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White frame gutter guard system, with gray horizontal and vertical vinyl siding fascia
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