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Roofing Repairs and Replacement

Texas HomePro Premium Roofing Systems

What makes a re-roof a "premium roofing system"? Sounds a little like an over-dramatic marketing term doesn't it? But, it's really not at all, your roof is not just some shingles that keep water out that anyone can install, your re-roof is not a commodity. There are HUGE variations in materials that most people don't know exist. There are installation practices and nuances that will make a roof last years longer if done correctly. 

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In the above photo: Note that you can see the OSB roof decking is exposed, this photo is during installation and you can see that ALL of the old shingles and ALL the underlayment has been torn off so that all new can be installed. Most roofing companies in Texas do NOT tear off the old underlayment AT ALL! How are you supposed to know if your installing your new roof on solid decking if you can not even see it? You can't. If you have "split decking" and not OSB (mostly on older homes) and your "roofer" installs your new shingles over old underlayment it will VOID your manufacturer warranty! You just spent thousands and thousands of dollars on something that will probably not be warrantied at all! At Texas HomePro we ALWAYS tear off your entire old roof and underlayment to inspect the decking and make repairs as needed (see our Facebook page for videos on this)

Roofing Repair Texas

Parts of a Roof 

Roof Repair Killeen TX


A lot of roofing companies will reuse some of the accessories from your old roof. These accessories can include pipe Jackboots which are a lot of times made of rubber and plastic that dries out and cracks over time as well as reusing the old metal roof ventilation. Reusing the roof ventilation or "box vents" Is not that big of a deal because they are metal and as long as they are in good condition then that is ok but, they are not very expensive so and will look much nicer than reusing the old ones so we always replace. The pipe jackboots on the other hand can be a HUGE problem! When they get dry rotted and cracked they will cause massive leaks that can cause big water damager and mold issues. We ALWAYS replace all your pipe jackboots with metal-based and UV-resistant rubber sleeves to provide a much better product that will last a very long time. 

pipe jack boot

Now I could go on for days and days on different installation techniques and what is better and why but, you have better things to do than read ours and hours of installation guidelines of your new roof. So I will just give you one of the biggest issues we see when tearing off an old roof. NAIL GUN PRESSURE. Nail gun pressure and over-penetration of the nail as well as poor placement of the nail that is holding down your new shingle is a HUGE issue that unfortunately we see almost every day. Most shingle manufacturers require four nails in each shingle, if those four nails are not placed properly then it can actually void your warranty and cause the shingle to fly off prematurely and in relatively minor wind conditions. Over penetration of the nail can cause a roof to completely fall apart within only 6 to 12 years due to shingles sliding off for flying off and windy conditions prematurely. And if you think your insurance company is going to cover those blown-off shingles then you would be WRONG! They will not cover products that are installed incorrectly. 

        These are just a couple of examples of why who is installing your shingles is just as important, if not more important than what type of shingles you were putting on your roof. There are dozens and dozens of installation techniques and practices that need to be followed perfectly to make sure you get a new roof that will last a long time. That is why doing your research on who you are going to use for your project is so very important. Do not be afraid to ask for references or ask for videos of during an installation.  This a very expensive project, why not do it right the first time? 

Roofing Repair Texas

If you zoom in you can see that the circled nail is seated too far into the shingle matting causing the shingle to lose wind resistance 

There are tons of different installation techniques and material variations that can cause you to have to replace your roof decades before you would usually need to. At Texas HomePro we only install the highest quality total roofing system using industry-leading installation techniques and high-quality materials that are meant to last! Call us and ask us if we will put 30 year 3 tab shingles on your house, WE WON'T. Ask if we will use regular underlayment, WE WON'T. Check out all of our thousands of videos and photos online and see if you can find one where we have not torn the roof completely off and replaced EVERY SINGLE component with all new ones. YOU WON'T! We do it the right way or not at all. These roofs are too expensive and too important to cut corners. 

Key Roofing Terms: 

  • Drip Edge 

  • Synthetic Underlayment

  • Counter Flashing 

  • Ice and Water Barrier 

  • Class 3 

  • Turn Back Flashing 

  • Adhesive Strip 

  • Nail Strip 

These are just a few terms in the industry that will need to know when it comes time to get your roof replaced . Please do not hesitate to give us a call and ask any questions you may have!




Roofing Repair Texas
Synthetic underlayment vs felt
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